What Type Of Wombworker Are You?

for aspiring wombworkers

Discussion Summary

You may be feeling the ancient call to birth work and looking on social media to see sistahs supporting other sistahs in their natural births. This inner knowing has woken up within and you know that this is what your spirit yearns for. Together we discuss the different paths to birthwork and the various lifestyle challenges and requirements that is needed to fulfill this craft.

Iya Abiye Mawusi Ashshakir CLC, WBD, CBE, Traditional Midwife, Guardian Director

The Mothership Institute

A Woman's Place Is A Place Of Power

Only as an egg in the womb are we all equal. The womb is like an altar, it's the place where God continually comes into the world and does what only God can do...create....

I dare you to call Ask-A-Nurse and tell them you feel a presence in your womb region. ~unknown