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The Mothership works to revive the position of Black Birth Workers in communities that desperately need assistance. We are living in a time where so many Black women are under attack and have experienced racism through medical abuse in many capacities. Maternal and Infant mortality is a very serious health pandemic that is happening far too often, one that is a cause for alarm but is not being taken seriously enough. Women of color in America are suffering from grave health disparities that lead to extensive consequences. It’s pertinent in this time for us to bring back our ancestral health practices in order to heal many of the ailments that we are experiencing in present day times.  

The Mothership is an unbroken collective of trained and professional women who are working to make sure that no woman goes without proper care and support. We seek to help women have healthy and successful births, receive help with postpartum and breastfeeding needs, to answer questions and provide information about feminine fertility health. We also strive to bring awareness to all of these things by highlighting their importance.
The Mothership is a collection of Wombmen who support one another as they have been supported.  

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