The Mothership Team

Iya Abiye Mawusi Ashashkir, ND, MH, Midwife Founder and Guardian Director

"The Creator has a master plan and the plan for me is to fully live out the power and potential of Afrikan Wombmanhood."

  Iya Abiye Mawusi is an Apprentice trained and Initiated Traditional Indigenous Midwife, (by Dr. Nana Siti Opio 22 years ago) Traditional Naturopathic Physician (Sunu), Master Herbalist, Master Kemetic Reiki Practitioner (Seba) and Initiated Kemetic Yoga Instructor (Basu). She is also The Founding Director of The Mothership Institute of Wombwellness and The Body Temple Institute Of Wholistic Health.  

Individually I am powerful but together we are unstoppable...
~The Mothership Institute

Ameera Madzimoyo WBD, CLC, WWF
Postpartum Personal Trainer

Certified Wholistic postpartum doula, Certified Wholistic doula, postpartum fitness coach, certified lactation consultant, certified fertility strategist. Ameera Madzimoyo is a proud wife, and mama of four. She is also a vegan chef, foodie and homeschool mama. As a birthworker with over ten years of experience, she has worked as an assistant midwife, and doula. She wears many hats, but ultimately, she’s a purpose-driven woman on the road to self-mastery. Ameera knows the world would be a better place if filled with strong, empowered women, and being an online fitness coach is her way of getting it one step closer.

Akilah Ashshakir Obasi WBD, CLC,
Rites Of Passage Facilitator

Founder, CTO Akilah Ashshakir Obasi is a mother of two and has had a passion for women's health and upliftment from a very early age. Joining with The Mothership, she helped to create and execute the rites of passage curriculum for Daughters of the Clay, helping young girls to transition through puberty into adulthood by teaching knowledge of self, giving information about their changing bodies and promoting self love. She is a lover of culture and the living arts of music, theater and dance. 

Aramenta Ashshakir, WBD, CLC, WWF
Executive Assistant 

Aninti Aramenta was born into the birthworking community and has spent her life in it. Aniti Aramenta has been a certified fertility strategist, lactation consultant, and doula since the age of 10. Aiding mothers in birth and postpartum recovery has always been a passion for Aramenta, and she cant wait to continue expanding her knowledge and helping more mothers.

Montu Negus Ra Ashshakir, Traditional Naturopathic Physician, CFO

Naturopathic Healer, Conscious Food Alchemist, Detox Specialist, Master Herbalist, and Mucusless Diet Practitioner is a conscious livitarian thus conscious of perpetuating his quality of life. Baba Montu works to build stronger Afrikan Nations by leading us on a journey of eliminating our inner toxins and maintaining our quality of health. Being a husband of nearly 30 years and father of 7, his focus is on Afrikan Nation building and teaches that liberation will be won by those who are healthy enough to conceive it.