Wholistic Womb Wellness

This Mothership Certification Program focuses on the womb and its fertility cycles.

Course Summary

The Mothership's Certification Programs were designed to meet the highest level standards of professionalism in the field of womb work. You will receive a curriculum that is culturally relevant and experience-based wisdom from Traditional Midwives. In this Womb Wellness Certification, you will also explore anatomy and healing methods through our robust multi-media library and video lectures. All books and supporting materials relevant to the class are included.  
In this Wholistic Womb Wellness course you can begin immediately, taking the classes on your own time with this online platform. You can also join one of our study retreats to get the information in person.   

Wholistic Womb Wellness Facilitator                              Certification

As a Mothership Womb Wellness Facilitator, you will learn how disease and disorder can block natural fertility as well as how to correct it using Wholistic methods. Also, you'll be instructed on how to use herbs as birth control.
This class will be taught through video lectures, supporting videos and materials. It will also be taught through live Q&A sessions in the video classroom. On the dates of your class, you will receive course materials to be able to complete the assignments and a program exam that will lead to your credentials as a Wholistic Womb Wellness and Fertility Strategist.

Topics Covered

This certification class is loaded with goodies; facts about womb wellness you've only heard about and answers to questions you've always wondered about. Together we will explore:
**Herbs that support womb health
**Womb disorders and strategies for healing
**Massage that clears uterine congestion
**Herbal tea blends for health maintenance
**Yoni steaming, eggs and waist bead culture
**walking a woman through infertility to pregnancy

Certification Requirements

The Womb Wellness Facilitator Certification Program
The Mothership Institute of Womb Wellness and Wholistic Health strives to certify students who are equipped to address the changing cycles and various ways that women evolve in their worlds.  

To be a serious women's health facilitator, serious research and extensive study is expected.
Completing this certification requires:
1. Completion of the core curriculum course
2. Writing a review of a fertility based book, researching a womb health issue that specifically effects Black Women, and critiquing a podcast, article or video based upon womb health.
3. Working with three women who have used your services and writing their womb stories. 

Iya Abiye Mawusi Ashshakir CLC, WBD, CBE, Traditional Midwife, Guardian Director

“A woman is a pure and immaculate sentence; a linguistic proposition that even if you remove the proper punctuation, she still stands as an elegant independent sentence, the only sentence that subverts all linguistic and grammatical rules. She does not need a male signifier or qualifier to positively assert her value and meaning, because her uniqueness, is already intrinsically defined by her “womb,” the quintessence of her femininity, synonymous with the birthing and the nurturing of humanity. And for that, regardless of who she is, she epitomizes grace, truth, goodness, and beauty, precisely of her ontological linguistic presence, as a sublime perfect sentence. 
The Indefinable Woman: A Linguistic Thesis)” 
― Danny Castillones Sillada  

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